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Today, we are going to treat as Configuring Gmail Inbox, which is that another function that has the new version of Gmail are the tabs.

Which are used to classify the emails that arrive in your inbox, but that’s a very good point, we can not choose to create or modify the tabs we want for our mail. What we can do is enable or disable the categories of Gmail offers to manage our email.


They are classified in the following form:

Home: These are messages that are sent to us by our email contact or that do not appear in the other categories.
Social: Here all messages sent to us from social networks will be saved. (Faceook, YouTube, Twiiter, etc.)
Promotions: As its name suggests, are the emails whose function is that of promoting a product or anything related to advertising.
Notifications: All invoices, notifications, confirmations, news, recipes, among others are grouped in these tabs. The emails automatically sent to us with the information.
Forums: Here will go posts belonging to groups, forums, debates or pages.

Hotmail login And also a guide about hotmail email login is here.

To activate these options, simply click on the “+” symbol above the first e-mail we have. The other way is to click on “Settings” and choose “Configure Gmail Inbox“.

We hope you were able to set up Gmail inbox as you want with these simple steps, but I encourage you to search more in our gmail page.

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